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Starr Cullars & the Enterprise

Review 01/12/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Grape Street Pub - Philly I met Starr* Cullars and her crew at the Grape Street Pub at 9:25pm. At 9:30pm, while I was talking to a friend who was planning on filming the show, the band performed a hot version of "Red Hot Momma" during their soundcheck session, which was smokin'....thanks to guitarist Lige Curry. The soundcheck ended at 9:37pm. I was having a conversation with Lige Curry for about ten minutes, about the future of Starr Cullars* & The Enterprise and the upcoming CD release. The show started at 10:15pm with the hardcore metal funk-rock tune "Red Alert", which the intro sounded better than the previous shows, thanks to drummer Shawn Hill's funkiness! The next four songs ("Starrgazing", "Seduce Me", "Darling Does He Really?" and "Soul Mate") were played without breaks! Let me say that this show seemed better than the previous shows because the band sounded tighter. Starr* appeared looser onstage, playing better than ever......and so did Lige!! Also, Lige handled more of the background vocal responsibilities, leaving Starr* free to ad-lib through parts of the songs! "Seduce Me" was a good example of the tighter chemistry between Starr & Lige, as they played with some kick-ass ferocity. "Darling Does He Really?" featured some edge-rock and funky, choppy guitarisms, courtesy of Lige. Also, Starr* worked the hell out of "Darling" with some stank & swooping "bass-ics"! "Soul Mate", a slow-paced heavy rock piece, featured more "rockhard in a funky place" guitar stylings of Lige. "Make It Happen" was nice, but "Tonight" was a damn good example of what Starr* Cullars is all about.....some edgy, hardcore rock stuff! The bar began to stink from all of the heavy metal riffs......the atmosphere was so dense that you can cut with a knife! "Kosen Rufu" was the last song and the song title means "World Peace" in Japanese. On this song, Lige got down with some nasty, psychedelic guitar licks and Shawn got busy with some wild & nasty drumbeats!

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